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Beautiful filly born on 4-20-10

Grace has been rescued from the auction on 11/19/09.
Grace along with 11 other horses, including a miniature donkey, have been transported in a four stock horse trailer. The
horses had their legs interlocked in the trailer and could not move.  One of the horses was so badly injured that it could not
walk off the trailer and was taken to the kill pen along with two other horses on the trailer.
All of the horses (and donkey) were in terrible condition. They were malnourished, had worms, severe rain rot, and from
mane to tail covered in burrs.

Thanks to all who have donated, Hidden View Farm was able to rescue a pregnant Mustang mare.

Every penny counts toward the rescue of poorly treated animals.
Please help Hidden View Farm rescue as many of these animals so they can live the life that they deserve.
Please note: We are NOT
a non-profit organization
and this donation is not
tax deductible.

All donations go to the
rescue and rehabilitation
of horses in need.

Checks can be made out

Hidden View Farm Rescue
164 Old Forge Rd
Monroe Twp, NJ 08831

Thank you.
Wound with rain rot.
Before: 11-19-09
After: as of 11-22-09
No more burrs!
As of March 3-23-10

Still Pregnant!
As of April 6-10

And Still Pregnant!
As of April 19-10

And Still Pregnant!