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Over the years Hidden View Farm has rescued dozens of animals including, cats, dogs, goats, sheep, ducks
turkeys, rabbits, pigs, and most of all Horses.  It is always horrible to see horses, or any animal in such poor
condition, that is why it is Hidden View Farm's job to nurse them back to health and to live a happier life.

Dorothy has rescued dozens of horses in need of special care from auction houses, and many of the horses
rescued were about to be sold for meat.  It is her goal to treat every horse or pony with the proper care such
as the right diet, vitamins, antibiotics and of course space to help them regain the lives they were meant to

Of the dozens of horses Dorothy has rescued many of them have been nursed back to health and sold to
caring families or boarders.  And the ones who don't become sold, live a quiet happy life on the farm.
Autumn rescued same day as Holly.
Please note: We are NOT
a non-profit organization
and this donation is not
tax deductible.

All donations go to the
rescue and rehabilitation
of horses in need.

Checks can be made out

Hidden View Farm Rescue
164 Old Forge Rd
Monroe Twp, NJ 08831

Thank you.
To view additional photos and to learn more about a rescue please click on
the links below. Please note that some photos may contain graphic images of
health treatment, even if the damage is irreparable.

A veterinary to do the proper shots and a current coggins.

A dentist to float their teeth.

A Blacksmith to do their feet for a well earned manicure.

This is all done way before any animals are put down and we try everything we can
first to give the animal a second chance at life before we painfully make the
decision to send them over to the Rainbow Bridge in the sky, where they can run
free from pain and neglect.