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Dorothy has over 30 years experience with care of horses, from race horses, track lay-
ups, retirement, to the pasture potatoes.  She has managed facilities that housed as
many as 60 horses at one time, and with her own farm with a rainbow of four legged
creatures in all shapes, colors, and sizes.  Dorothy believes that you can learn something
new everyday  and there is no such thing as knowing “it all”. Even though Dorothy
attends as many seminars and schooling classes provided, she feels that she has learned
some of the best lessons from the horses themselves.  

Allowing horses to be her teachers, Dorothy has learned how to judge their different
temperaments.  She is especially queued to when horses are feeling sickness and sadness
which may cause them to go into a "rescue mode".  Dorothy understands that rescue
mode can be associated with physical problems and/or mental health issues.  If there is a
problem physically Dorothy will do all she can to try to pin point where the problem is
and fix it.  With mental health issues she makes it a priority to reassure the horses that
there will be consistent love, care and food.  
Dorothy has a well rounded background on horses and uses her knowledge in a positive
way to make sure that all her own horses, and her boarders horses are properly taken
care of.  She also goes the extra step to make sure that the atmosphere at the farm is
one of a "comfort zone".  
Our Strengths:
Our Goal

At Hidden View Farm, we pride ourselves for rescuing horses in
need.  Most of the horses we have available have been taken out of
bad situations and brought to our farm.  At Hidden View these horses
learn about love and compassion, are retrained and sold to private
homes.  The only way we are able to help more horses is by finding
homes for the ones we already have.  If you purchase a horse from
Hidden View Farm you are not only buying a horse, you are gaining a
friend that will always appreciate your kindness.
We pride ourselves for keeping things at a
family-friendly, down home, relaxing
atmosphere that is non-competitive.  This
strength comes with the overall enjoyment of
being on, near, and around horses.
Please note: We are NOT
a non-profit organization
and this donation is not
tax deductible.

All donations go to the
rescue and rehabilitation
of horses in need.

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Hidden View Farm Rescue
164 Old Forge Rd
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Thank you.