St. Judes
Monroe Township, NJ 08831
(Please call for appointment before arriving)
(732)  521 - 9042
and this donation is not
tax deductible.

All donations go to the
rescue and rehabilitation
of horses in need.

Checks can be made out

Hidden View Farm Rescue
164 Old Forge Rd
Monroe Twp, NJ 08831

Thank you.
Hidden View Farm
has raised over
since 2005

September 2013
Goal $2000
Raised $1987.00
Thank you to all that participated.

September 2012
Goal: $2000
Thank you All We raised $2,881.00  for St. Jude's
Children's Hospital

September 2011
Goal: $2000

Last year we raised more then double our goal.  This year
we raised our goal so lets see if we can do better then last

If you wish to donate, please follow the link to the right.

St. Jude Trail Ride

Our 2010 Ride for St. Jude's Children's Hospital was again a
great success this year.   We have well over doubled our
donation goal amount. All of us at Hidden View Farm can not be
prouder of such generous and giving people. Everyone's
generous support again this year was amazing. Thank you so
much again for of all of your continued support for this great

We raised an amazing $2,215!!
Sept. 2009-  Thank you again for making the St. Jude Trail Ride
again another success,  This year was a little rough but we were
able to send St. Jude's Children's Hospital another $1000.00.  
Again we hope everyone had a great time and looking forward to
next years event.

A million thanks to all that participated.
Sept. 2008- Thank you all for making the St. Jude Trail Ride a
great success, this year.

Hidden View Farm will be sending a total of $1000.00 to Saint Jude
Children's Hospital,  This is more than double from last years
event.  Many Thanks to all that participated.  This is  such a
worthy cause.  We truly hope everyone  had a great time and we
are looking forward until next September to repeat this great

A million thanks to all.
Saddle up for St. Jude! Oct 2014